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Wondered how muscle compression helps you prevent injuries

Muscle Specific Compression:


A complex muscle in design, the Hamstrings consists of 3 muscles which are predominantly responsible for flexion of the knee and extension of the thigh making it a central muscle in athletic disciplines. The cut of BSc targeted compression hamstring panel has been designed to keep these 3 muscles in line and at optimal position. This allows a reduction in the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) by accelerating the inflammatory and repair time frame within the muscle.




The action of running involves constant movements between extension and flexion causing a great degree of oscillatory movement to occur in skeletal muscles particularly the Quadriceps as they are forced to accelerate, decelerate and absorb impact shocks. The panel arrangement implemented by BSc targeted compression garment acts to enclose each of the 4 Quadriceps muscles like a sheath significantly reducing longitudinal and anterior-posterior muscle oscillation, ultimately aiding muscle recovery post exercise.  Often problems with the knees come back to poor alignment of these muscles which eventuates with injury under fatigue. The hand crafted cut of the targeted compression garment reduces muscle and ligament strain of the knee by improving spatial awareness of the muscles and improving lactic acid removal allowing a reduction in fatigue.




The Adductors or Groin consists of 4 muscles which are responsible for Adduction, hip flexion and lateral rotation of the thigh. Groin Strains are quite common with these muscles due to muscles becoming hypertonic with use and when stretched often tear. BSc targeted compression panels have been designed to increase groin proprioception via greater feedback from skin proprioceptors as a consequence of the tactile interaction between the garments and the skin surface whiles also enhancing the core muscle temperature, ultimately resulting in fewer incidents of injury.





Explosive actions of the leg often start from the Gluteal muscle. One of the strongest muscles in the human body, special attention has been made in BSc targeted compression design in targeting this muscle group. Seam and panel alignment  provide the ultimate in compression by enhancing blood flow to the Gluteal muscle group and acting as an elastic band by providing stored potential energy in the compression garments to facilitate explosive power.



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